Indoor air quality is very important, since it can have a serious impact on your health, particularly if you have allergies or asthma. If you want to improve the air quality in your home, you need to first discover what kind of filtration system you are already using. There are three main types of filters that are used in residential HVAC systems.

Basic Furnace Filters

This is what most people have. Simple filters that keep large particles out of the system so that they do not damage the equipment. Unfortunately, these filters are not very good at cleaning your air, and combine that with the fact that most homeowners do not change them often enough and it is a recipe for problems. For those not concerned with air quality, these are fine, but they still need to be replaced regularly.

Upgraded Furnace Filter

These filters fit into the same spot on your furnace but are more expensive and filter out more particulate. They are designed an inexpensive way to improve the amount of particulate you filter out of your air. Your HVAC system only has so much power, so you do need to be a bit careful about how thick the filter you install is, but since most systems are oversized anyway, the majority of these filters will be fine to use in your system. Just as with any other filter, make sure you replace the filter regularly to maximize its effectiveness.

Additional Filtration System

The main fan in any HVAC system can only pull so hard to get air through a filter. To increase the filtration further, standalone systems can be added. These systems remove the limitations of filter size and strength. This is the only way to reduce the time between filter changes or get true HEPA filtration. If you want to add on of these filters, you will need an HVAC technician, such as from Coral Home Comfort, to install it for you. They will make sure that the air runs through the filter without over-stressing your main fans. 

Whatever type of filter system you have in your HVAC system, you can always add a room filter in any areas you are concerned about, such as your bedroom. Before you upgrade your main filters, you should talk to an HVAC tech to see if the changes will cause any problems with the system. Fortunately, even if you can't upgrade your filters any further, you can add UV lights and other similar systems to reduce the particulate in your air.