Are you the owner of a neighborhood laundromat or two? Are you still relatively new to the business and trying to decide how to best serve your customers? If you haven't had a commercial dryer vent cleaning since you opened your doors, here are some reasons to consider doing so:

Cleaning the lint trap isn't enough: 

You are probably aware of the fires that can result if dryer lint traps aren't cleaned out often enough. But you may not realize that cleaning the lint trap isn't always enough. Small particles of dust and lint can slip through the trap and start to clog the vent itself. While the clogging might not become immediately apparent, it can still start to cause your dryer to overheat. With regular commercial dryer vent cleaning, you won't have to worry about overheating causing fires or damaging your expensive equipment.

Efficient machines save you and your customers money:

If you're charging for dryer usage, then make sure your customers are getting the most for their money. Clogged dryer vents could cause your dryers to be less efficient, requiring the consumer to pay for more drying time. This could even cause them to go to your competitor because they view your machines as wasting their money. Depending on electric rates in your area and how much you charge for dryer time, neglecting to have a commercial dryer vent cleaning performed could mean that you are actually losing money when people use your dryers.

Reduce odors and smells:

When the dryer vent starts to fill with lint, it can become a damp, dark place that is perfect for mold growth. Instead of the air in your laundromat being filled with the enjoyable scent of fresh laundry, it could start smelling earthy and musty. Your customers will obviously be reluctant to use a service that they think might make their clothes smell bad. Fortunately, a commercial dryer vent cleaning can get rid of this issue or prevent it from happening in the first place. Instead of worrying about whether your customers will be complaining about the smell, you'll be secure in the knowledge that everything is functioning as it should.

Keeping your dryer vents cleaned will help to keep both you and your customers happy. Your customers will have clean and properly dried laundry while you won't have to worry about angry customers or dryer fires. Talk to your local commercial dryer vent cleaning company to find out how often your laundromat should have its vents professionally cleaned.