Although it can be frightening to have your heater break down in the middle of a cold winter, you don't have to resign yourself to the cold. There are measures you can take to stay warm until your heater is repaired. Here are three specific tips that can help you in such a situation:

Call an Emergency Technician

The first thing is to call an emergency HVAC technician; especially if the temperatures are extremely low. Do this as soon as possible because your HVAC system might not be the only one out in your neighborhood and you don't want to be last on the list if there is a queue of households waiting for service. Secondly, the sooner you call a technician, the sooner you will have your system up and running again. Keep the number for businesses like Hospitality heating and air conditioning Inc somewhere handy, just in case. 

Use Individual Warmers

The next step is to ensure that everyone is warm in the house. You don't have to warm up the whole house; you only need to keep individual rooms or even individual bodies warm. Your choice of warmers depends on what you have in the house. For example, you can use space heaters to warm up specific rooms or you can use electric blankets for individual members of the household. It also helps to put on a layer of clothes which will fell warmer than putting on a single thick piece of clothing. Layered clothes trap air between them and the trapped air act as an insulator to prevent heat loss from the body. Resit the temptation to use fuel-based heaters, such as camping stoves, since they exhaust carbon monoxide and are dangerous to have in the house.

Open or Close Your Doors and Windows

You also need to know whether it's beneficial to close all the windows and doors or leave them all open. This decision depends on whether the outside temperature is higher or lower than the temperature inside the house. For example, if the temperature outside the house is higher than the temperature inside, then you need to open the windows and doors so that heat can flow into the house. Close all the windows and doors to trap the heat inside if the temperature outside is lower than the temperature inside.

Hopefully, you will never have to deal with a sudden breakdown of a heater. Ensuring that your heating system is properly maintained is one way of preventing such a scenario. If it does happen, however, the above measures should keep you warm until the heat is restored.