A commercial HVAC system is a little different than a personal HVAC system. If you own your business, there are steps that you are going to want to take to ensure that you keep your HVAC system running effectively and that you keep the air inside of your building fresh for your employees and your customers. Here are four ways that you can do that.

#1 Don't Neglect To Clean The Filter

Commercial HVAC systems use large filters to keep the air clean. Some systems even use a series of filters. You should have these filters inspected every few months to ensure that they are clean; if they are dirty, you need to have them replaced. Staying on top of the filters and ensuring that they are always clean is one of the simplest and most direct steps you can take to ensure that your HVAC system works smoothly.

#2 Upgrade To An Energy Star Unit

If you have had the same air condition unit for more than a decade, you may want to consider upgrading your unit. Older units generally are nowhere as energy efficient as newer commercial air conditioning units on the market today.

When you upgrade to a new unit, be sure to get a professional sizing calculation. Purchasing an air conditioning system that is too small will stress it out and cause it to wear down prematurely; however, a unit that is too big will not work effectively either and will cost you more money than you need to spend.

Make sure that you purchase the right sized Energy-Star qualified unit; these units are designed to work as effectively as possible.

#3 Check Your Ventilation

Make sure that you have a good ventilation system set-up. You are going to want to make sure that the air streams in your office also are able to have good exhaust exits as well. If you feel like the air in your office feels stuffy or stale, have a commercial HVAC expert inspect your system and see how the ventilation can improve. Oftentimes when the air is stuff, the ventilation layout is what needs to be fixed, not the actual air condition unit itself.

#4 Use A Humidifier Or Evaporator

If your business is located somewhere that gets really humid and hot air, you may want to install a commercial dehumidifier in your building. This will help get the humidity out of the air, which is what can really make you feel hot. Reducing the humidity alone can make your office feel a lot cooler and will allow you to energy costs under better control as well.

If you live somewhere where the air is really dry, you are going to want to invest in an evaporator cooler instead. This piece of equipment will help keep the moisture in the air in your building and make the air feel less stifling.