With another heating season on the way, homeowners are once again taking steps to make sure their furnaces, boilers, and electric heaters are operating properly. Some, however, are also spending a lot of time worrying about their winter utility bills. For those that use fuel oil, finding ways to cut costs, ensure timely deliveries, and enjoy a more convenient heat source is a good goal to work toward, and these tips can help accomplish that goal. 

Look for pre-season discounts

Like other types of heating fuels, the best buys on fuel oil for heating typically occur during the summer or off-season. This is when demand for heating fuel is low and storage tanks are filled to the brim, causing many distributors to offer special offers and incentives to encourage people to purchase. Taking advantage of this type of special offer to pre-buy enough fuel oil to heat your home throughout the winter is a great way to experience a more affordable heating season. 

Sign up for regular deliveries

Whether you were fortunate enough to pre-buy your heating oil, or you will be paying for the fuel each time you order, signing up for regular deliveries is important. By doing this, your fuel tank will be topped off regularly, helping you to avoid an uncomfortable situation because you forgot to order fuel or suffered a delay in delivery. Many fuel oil delivery services offer monthly tank checks and other delivery schedule options to help homeowners manage their heating fuel needs more efficiently.

In order for heating fuel delivery drivers to check and fill your home's fuel tanks, homeowners should make sure that the driver has plenty of room to park and maneuver the delivery truck. It is also helpful to make sure that dogs and pets are restrained to prevent them from biting or jumping on the delivery driver or being injured by the fuel truck. 

Have your heating equipment serviced

Another way to ensure that your heating costs are as low as possible is to have your furnace, fuel oil heating stove, or boiler serviced regularly. This will ensure that heating appliances are using the heating fuel as efficiently as possible, as well as operating in a safe manner. Scheduling a service call at least once per year, preferably before the beginning of winter, is a good plan. 

For even more tips to improve the experience you have with fuel oil heat, take time to discuss your situation with your fuel oil delivery service well before heating season begins.