On a hot, muggy summer's day, the last thing you want to walk into is an equally sweltering home or apartment. Unfortunately, many people make mistakes regarding their home HVAC systems that can cause problems, leading to the inevitable need for air conditioning repair. Below are three seemingly insignificant mistakes you may be making that could result in big HVAC problems and the need for professional assistance. 

1. Ignoring Noises

Air conditioning problems can result in noises that can be tricky to spot inside your home. As refrigerant moves to and from the evaporator coils in your air handler, it could create movement that sounds like clapping or knocking inside your walls. Other times, fan issues present in the outside fan used to cool your compressor could create loud grinding noises. 

If you have noticed new noises coming from outside your home or inside your walls when the air is running, reach out to your local air conditioning repair services right away. By investing in air conditioning services early, you can prevent problems and keep your system in better condition. 

2. Leaving Filters Unchanged

Every appliance that relies on a steady stream of fresh air has a filter, and your air conditioner is no different. As the system moves air throughout your home, it screens out particulates such as pet hair, dander, and pollen, improving your indoor air quality. However, if you forget to change your filters then these contaminants can build up, resulting in labored air conditioning. 

Always replace your HVAC filters as soon as they start to look dirty, and keep in mind that having a large family or multiple indoor pets could mean frequent filter changes. 

3. Closing Air Vents 

When you close air vents inside your home, you might think you are routing precious cooled air to other parts of your house. However, you are actually increasing the pressure inside your vents, which can result in other problems like pinhole leaks or joinery problems. 

Instead of closing vents, leave every vent in your home open, letting your system heat and cool itself according to the ambient temperature reading on the thermostat. 

Remember, even the most motivated and careful homeowners can end up dealing with HVAC problems, which is why staying on top of issues is so important. If you are ready to start taking strides to improve your home, turn to an HVAC team in your area that can help. After all, it may only take a single call to get the ball rolling in a better direction.