Malfunctions with your water heater can be a major problem due to the impacts that it can have on the home's water supply and plumbing systems. Despite the critical role that a water heater will play, it is often the case that homeowners are not prepared to address this particular disruption.

Why Would You Need To Drain The Water Heater?

There can be many problems that will require the water heater to be drained in order to correct them. For example, sediment accumulating in the water heater will have to be removed, and the first step in this process will be draining out the water from the heater so that the sediment can be scraped out of it.

What Could Cause The Burner To Underperform?

Gas and oil water heater systems will utilize a burner that will ignite the fuel to generate heat. Unfortunately, this burner can start to underperform over time, which can lead to a variety of issues for the home. One of the most noticeable will be a reduction in the temperature of your hot water. Additionally, this will leave more residue on the burner, which can further reduce its efficiency by interfering with the flow of fuel or air to the flames. Repairing this problem will require the burner to undergo a deep cleaning to remove this residue so that the flows of air and fuel can be restored. Another potential issue that could prevent the burner from working as efficiently as intended can be a layer of corrosion developing on it. While it may be possible to remove corrosion from the burner, it is often a better option to replace the burner once it develops significant corrosion.

Is It Normal For The Water Heater To Vibrate When Water Is Flowing Out Of It?

When your water heater is releasing water, you may notice that it starts to vibrate. This can indicate a number of different potential problems with the system, but a common source of these vibrations can be the presence of an air pocket in the water heater. Another potential source of these vibrations can be the outtake being partially clogged. While these vibrations may not cause problems immediately, they can potentially cause severe damage to the water heater if it is not addressed. As an example of the more serious damages that this could cause, the vibrations can eventually contribute to the connections to the water heater loosening, which may spill substantial amounts of water into the home's interior.

Contact a water heater repair contractor to begin fixing these issues.