When your furnace powers on, if it often trips the circuit breaker, there is likely some sort of electrical concern. However, it may not be time to contact an electrician. Often, the problem is within the furnace itself. Learn about some of the issues that can cause this type of problem.

Wiring Problem

Circuit breakers monitor electrical currents to prevent an electrical fire. Consequently, when the breaker detects an increased current, it shuts off power to that particular device. When a furnace frequently trips the breaker, it could be the result of an increase in its electrical current, which is commonly the result of a short circuit. 

Short circuits are an indication of a wiring issue. For example, if there is a pest issue and the animal gets inside the furnace, it could gnaw on the wires' protective tubing and leave the wiring exposed. This problem can be dangerous, so you want to have a contractor check it out as soon as possible. 

Lack of Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance keeps a furnace working efficiently, and it also keeps it from working harder than it should. Simple preventive measures, including regularly changing the air filters, can go a long way in avoiding this problem. For example, a dirty air filter makes it increasingly harder for the furnace to take in air. 

The harder this process, the harder the furnace works. This extra power consumption triggers the circuit breaker and causes it to trip. This problem could also be the result of a problem with the furnace that was left unaddressed and become worse. Preventive maintenance and timely repairs should always be the focus.

Incorrect Circuit Allocation

If you recently moved into a home and you have been experiencing issues with the furnace, the problem could be a shared circuit. If you look inside the breaker box, you should see a label that notates which segment is for which device in your home, such as the dishwasher or water heater. 

Large appliances should never share a circuit, given their greater power demand; a furnace is included in this equation. If the furnace is on a shared circuit, anytime the furnace and the other device are on at the same time, the breaker will trip. You will need to have a contractor come out and change this allocation for you.

If you experience this problem in your home, contact a furnace repair contractor to get to the bottom of the problem.