The AC ducts in your home can cause problems that need to be dealt with before turning your system on, such as affecting the air quality in your home. Ducts may need to be repaired when you get ready to have your AC serviced. The following AC duct repairs may be needed before you turn your air conditioner on:

Fungus Growing In Ducts Due to Moisture 

Over the winter months, there are various problems with mildew and mold that can affect your AC. Some of these problems are in the ductwork and need to be addressed. Other issues can be with moisture in the AC unit or air handler. Repairs that will be needed to deal with fungus problems include:

  • Cleaning ductwork to remove mold and mildew
  • Replacing ductwork with severe mold problems
  • Cleaning and repairing the outdoor AC unit due to fungus
  • Cleaning mold from the air handler and blower fan

You want to make sure to repair the ducts that have been affected by moisture. This will prevent issues with mold spores being distributed with the air that comes out of HVAC vents.

Issues with Damaged Dampers Not Working

Another issue that your ductwork may need repaired is if the dampers are not working. These are valve-like components of ducts that direct airflow. In zoned HVAC designs, these dampers are automatic. They adjust automatically when heating or cooling is needed in different areas. You will want to have the dampers checked for problems before using your AC. They may need minor repairs before you turn the AC on.

Problems with the AC Blower Fan  

The blower fan can be another issue with your HVAC that needs to be repaired. The fan for the AC is different from your heating. Some of the issues can be due to it not being used during the winter months. Problems with your blower that may need to be repaired include:

  • Frozen blower motor not working
  • Damaged bushings in the blower motor
  • Dust and debris in the blower motor restricting airflow

The AC blower is an important component that can also be upgraded to improve efficiency. You may want to install a variable speed blower fan to improve the efficiency of your AC.

Damaged Ductwork Insulation and Connections

Pests and moisture can also damage the ductwork of your HVAC system. This can cause the insulation to be damaged or connections to separate. Repairs to ducts that will be needed to fix these issues include:

  • Insulation falling off ductwork
  • Separation of joints in the ductwork
  • Air leaks that cause energy loss

Always inspect your system for problems with ductwork when switching from heating to cooling. This will ensure air leaks and damaged ducts do not cause higher energy costs.

The issues with mold and other problems can cause poor air quality and damage your AC. Contact an AC repair service for additional information.