Necessity is the mother of innovation. Thus, due to the growing demand for new electrical solutions in homes, the electrical industry has witnessed innovative solutions that cater to consumers' needs. As a result, electricians have had to adapt to the changing market to provide the latest electrical services that consumers are demanding.

Some of the most common new trends in residential electrical services include the following:

1. Electrical Charging Stations

Due to the growing demand for fewer carbon emissions by vehicles, many consumers are starting to purchase electric cars and motorcycles. As a result, these consumers find it efficient to install a charging station in their homes for convenience purposes. Unlike regular vehicles, charging up the battery of an electric car takes a few hours. Hence, homeowners find it convenient to install an electric charging station in their garage so they can charge the vehicle overnight. Thus by the morning, the electric vehicle's battery will be fully charged and ready to go instead of waiting for a few hours at a public charging station to top up the battery.

2. Home Automation

Automating a home's electrical systems is another growing trend in the electrical industry. More and more homeowners want the convenience of controlling their homes' lighting with their smartphones. Hence, they can switch on or off the lights without using a physical switch on the wall. Thus, electricians have had to adapt to this trend by learning about integrated systems to integrate a home's electrical systems with a smartphone operating system. Therefore they can install automated electrical systems for their clients.

3. Solar Energy Shingles

Demand for solar energy has been gradually gained traction over the years to the point where companies started to manufacture solar shingles. Typically, when you hear solar power, you automatically think of solar panels. However, solar shingles are the new trend. The shingles get installed by a roofer, but it is still up to a residential electrician to connect the shingles to the house so you can enjoy solar-generated electricity.

Electricians have been encouraged to attend training seminars held by solar shingle manufacturers to learn about the different brands and their capabilities. Thus, many electricians will be able to advise consumers on the best solar shingles that can generate a household's electrical needs.

4. Surround Home Entertainment Set-Up

Traditionally, entertainment system installations were reserved for the living room or TV rooms. Nowadays, consumers want their entire houses- including the outdoor- set up with entertainment systems. These entertainment systems include surround-sound systems for the whole house and mounting flat-screen TV on the walls. Additionally, setting up a theater room has also become a common trend. Electricians are encouraged to include such services in their portfolio to remain relevant in modern times.

To learn more about these and other trends, contact local electrical services.