The refrigerators and freezers that you use in your store are critical to your daily success and profitability. You rely on these appliances to keep foods and drinks at the right temperature so you can sell your products safely to your customers.

However, these appliances are not built to last forever and can, in fact, suffer from malfunctions that threaten their usefulness. You can find out what is wrong with them and have them fixed if possible by hiring commercial refrigeration services for your store.

Addressing Loss of Temperature

When your refrigerators and freezers fail to keep products stored in them cold, you need to find out what is wrong with them right away. Their inability to keep their contents cold could mean that you have to throw out inventory and lose money on profits and sales.

When you want to avoid losing out on money and not being able to serve your customers, you can hire commercial refrigeration services to find out what is wrong with these appliances. The technicians that work for the services can find out if the appliances are low on coolants like Freon. They can also refill the coolants and bleed the lines of air to make sure that the appliances can cool and freeze properly again.

Dealing with Overheating

The loss of temperature in your appliances can also result from motors that are overheating. Motors in appliances can overheat just like motors in vehicles and lawnmowers. They need proper care and servicing to avoid getting too hot and causing the appliances in which they are installed to overheat.

The commercial refrigeration services that you hire for your store can find out if the motor in your freezer or refrigerator is overheating. The technicians can check parts like hoses and belts to ensure that they are not causing friction and heat. They can also check whether or not parts like valves and clamps are tightened properly and not allowing coldness to escape from the hoses and belts to which they are attached.

Finally, commercial refrigeration services can advise you on how to pack the appliances properly. You may need to store fewer products in them to ensure that cold air can flow properly and keep the contents at the right temperatures.

Commercial refrigeration services can find out what is wrong with your freezers and refrigerators. They can refill Freon and fix motors that are overheating.

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