Over the years, your HVAC system works hard. Your system can last anywhere from 15 to 25 years, especially when you make the effort to have your HVAC system maintained properly. Your heating and cooling should be serviced at the beginning of the heating and cooling season to ensure it is optimized. As your system gets older, it will become more difficult to repair it. Eventually, the cost of repairing your system is not going to be worth it, and it will be time to invest in a new system installation. Once your system keeps breaking and repair costs are rising, consider a new HVAC installation for your home.

Your Energy Bills Have Risen Substantially

Look over your energy use from year to year. If you are suddenly using an excessive amount of energy to heat or cool your home, something is wrong with your system. While energy costs rise over time, a big jump in cost is always suspicious. Take the time to look at your energy usage to make sure your system is not using a significant amount of energy trying to keep you comfortable.

Your System Keeps Breaking

Even when you take great care of your HVAC system, things break eventually. Once you are getting into expensive repairs, it is probably more cost-effective to replace the system instead. Consider the age of your HVAC system, as you shouldn't be spending too much on repairs for a system that is more than ten years old. 

You Can't Get Your Home Comfortable

As your HVAC system ages, it is going to become less efficient at controlling the temperature in your home. You may find cold spots throughout your home in the winter, or struggle to get your home cool enough when it's hot out. If you get your system serviced, and you still can't get comfortable, you probably need a new system.

If your HVAC system turns off and on without changing the temperature in your home, you will need to have a technician inspect your system further. Short cycling can occur when you need an HVAC replacement, which means your system turns on frequently without getting your home warm or cool enough. When you are having consistent problems with your heating or cooling, it's time to talk with a technician about your options. A new HVAC installation is worth the investment, as it will be more efficient to keep your home comfortable.