Over time, and with constant use, your furnace ages, and most of its elements wear out. While routine maintenance helps your furnace provide you with years of effective service, components inevitably deteriorate as the appliance approaches the end of its projected service life. Therefore, it is important to understand the warning signs of an aging furnace to address the issue before the appliance becomes inoperable. Hiring an HVAC technician to assess the condition of your furnace is also important in helping you compare the cost-effectiveness of repair versus replacement. Below are four reasons to replace your furnace:

High Utility Bills

If your monthly utility bills have been steadily rising without a change in your energy consumption habits, your furnace could be the culprit. When furnace components wear down, they lose efficiency, resulting in the furnace working harder to distribute heat in your home and causing higher energy expenses. To help lower your bills, you should engage an HVAC technician to replace your furnace with a more efficient one.

Frequent Breakdowns

It is advisable to have your furnace replaced if it requires constant repairs despite being well maintained. Although repairs and servicing help ensure that the furnace is functioning optimally, if done too frequently, they are uneconomical. They may even subject the furnace's components to stress, leading to further breakdowns and snowballing the need for additional repairs and furnace part replacements. To dodge costly repairs and the inconvenience of your furnace breaking down repeatedly, hire an HVAC technician to upgrade your system with a new one.


If your home is stuffy and uncomfortable despite the furnace running, you should consider replacing the appliance. A defective furnace may not remove moisture from the home's atmosphere, effectively leading to mold growth and, consequently, reduced air quality. Additionally, the furnace may produce disruptive noises due to a malfunction in its components. You need to engage an HVAC technician to replace your furnace and experience high indoor air quality and comfort.

Damaged Circuit Board

The appliance's circuit board receives signals and sends feedback to the thermostat. Therefore, if it is faulty, the thermostat may receive erroneous readings causing the furnace to fail to provide the desired heat temperatures. Furthermore, the furnace could turn on and constantly run without shutting off. Since the cost of a new circuit board is relatively high compared to that of a new furnace, you should consult your HVAC technician about investing in a new furnace, especially if there have been other issues with the appliance.

Even with routine servicing, an aging heating system is susceptible to breakdowns. To avoid the inconveniences of an inoperable or irreparable furnace, hire an HVAC contractor to replace it and ensure optimal indoor air quality.

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