An improperly operating ignition or a dirty buildup within the heat exchange system could cause your furnace to make clanging or popping noises while it is being operated. Not all noise issues will require that replacement materials are installed. A heating repair pro can troubleshoot and remedy noise issues that you have been experiencing.

The Onset of Winter

You will likely be relying heavily upon your furnace this winter. Heating technicians tend to become booked during seasons when heaters are going to be used extensively. For this reason, a technician should be consulted soon after you hear loud noises. Your heating equipment should be clean and damage-free when you are going to be using it the most. To begin the repair process, contact a service provider and furnish them with your furnace's model number. Explain the type of noise that you have been hearing when you turn the unit on.

The Repair Process

During a service appointment, a technician will inspect the ignition, the heat exchanger, and the ductwork. If the ignition switch does not effectively cause the furnace to ignite, the gas buildup within the furnace could be causing the loud noise you have been hearing. Cleaning the ignition could resolve the problem. Otherwise, a new switch may need to be installed.

Limescale can build up along the interior of the heat exchange system. The buildup could influence how loud the furnace sounds while it is operating. You know your furnace best. If you are accustomed to a light humming noise, let your technician know. They will assess the heat exchanger and may use scraping tools and cleaning agents to eliminate limescale that has hardened along surfaces.

Weather fluctuations can cause ductwork to expand and contract. The expansion and contraction process may be contributing to a noisy furnace. This type of issue is usually not one that is deemed problematic. To combat the expansion and contraction process, a heating technician may advise that the ductwork is insulated. A repair person may furnish insulated products that can be used on your furnace.

These products may quiet the furnace. They may also aid in lowering your energy bill. Ask your technician about energy-efficient products if they offer a line of products and you are not sure which ones will be best suited for the furnace. Additionally, inquire about ways that you can keep your furnace clean and in operable order this winter.