Are you worried that your home may be wasting energy in one or more ways? If so, you might want to have a home energy audit performed. Many HVAC contractors offer this service, and there are even a few contractors who specialize in home energy efficiency audits. During such an audit, they will figure out how much energy all of your energy-using appliances are using, and they will also look for spots where your home may be losing energy. Here is a more specific look at the core things contractors will check for during a home energy audit.

Furnace Energy Consumption

Furnaces usually come marked with an energy-efficiency rating. But their efficiency can decrease as they age and break down. As such, your HVAC contractor can evaluate your furnace and figure out its current, real efficiency rating. If it is too much below the rating from the manufacturer, they may recommend replacing your furnace or repairing it to make it more efficient again.

Hot Water Heater Energy Consumption

Hot water tanks also consume a substantial percentage of home energy. A loss of efficiency on the part of your hot water heater can lead to higher energy bills overall. If your HVAC contractor finds that your water heater is no longer as efficient as it could be, they will often recommend replacing it. Newer models are incredibly well insulated and waste very little energy.

Window Efficiency

Windows are one of the greatest sources of energy loss in most homes. Even the most energy-efficient windows lose some heat. Your contractor's goal during a home energy audit, therefore, is to figure out whether the amount of heat being lost through your windows is acceptable or excessive. If it's excessive, there are some changes they can recommend other than a window replacement: window films, caulking, and better curtains.

Attic Insulation

How well insulated is your attic, and is the insulation effectively blocking heat transfer? A poorly insulated attic will lose a lot of heat, driving up your energy bills. It's also not good for your roof. If your attic insulation is not adequate, your contractor may recommend adding more insulation, but they also may recommend a different kind of insulation, such as spray foam.

Your contractor should check for all of the items above during a home energy audit. If you have any more questions about what they are doing, don't hesitate to ask. Contact a professional for more information about home energy efficiency audits