Does your thermostat work well when the air conditioning system is running, but does not seem to work when the heater is running? The thermostat might not be what you should be concerned about, as the heating system is the only aspect of the system that is problematic. If you do not know which part of the heating system to turn your attention to, it is the furnace. The most important reason your HVAC system is equipped with a furnace is so heat can be produced when the thermostat is set at a high temperature. Your furnace might be worn out and need to be replaced, but many of the common furnace problems can be repaired.

The Furnace Struggles to Start Up

A furnace that struggles to start up might be on the road to going out of order altogether. For example, if you have to turn the thermostat off and on several times before the heater turns on, it might be due to the furnace being old. The wiring to the furnace or other parts may be too old and not worth attempting to repair. However, there is also the possibility that the thermostat is the culprit in such a case. A thermostat can get old or damaged and struggle to turn the HVAC system on and off.

There Is Something Different About the Pilot Light

The condition of a pilot light can say a lot about the overall condition of the furnace. When a pilot light changes from a healthy blue glow to other colors, it is a sign that something is wrong. For example, when the pilot light is no longer blue, it could mean that the orifice is damaged and causing carbon monoxide to be released. If the pilot light keeps going out, the furnace might need a repair or to be replaced. Ask an HVAC contractor what to do in such a case, as a professional inspection is needed.

Only a Certain Temperature Can Be Obtained

A heater should be able to reach a temperature as high as a thermostat can be set to reach. If a heater is not getting close to the temperature on the thermostat, the furnace might need a repair if the thermostat is not the problem. When the furnace filter or air ducts are dirty, the heat might not be accessed in an even manner. For example, the temperature might remain at a certain level in a few rooms, or in all of your rooms. Sporadic heating is a sign that your furnace needs attention.

For more information on furnace repair, contact a professional near you.