How To Make Your Hot Water Heater Last A Long Time

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Your home’s water heater is one appliance that should last for many years if you make sure to do proper maintenance. Unfortunately, many homeowners ignore their water heater until there is a problem. By doing the following 4 things, you’ll get some extra years out of your hot water heater before it’s finally time to replace it. Set The Thermostat To The Proper Temperature Both electric and gas water heaters need to set to the proper temperature to increase the tank’s lifespan. 120 degrees is recommended by the...

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Six Tips for Keeping Your Family Safe and Warm While Waiting for the Furnace Repairperson

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In a tragic story out of America, a family of eight died while trying to heat their home with a gas-powered generator in their kitchen. Although the family at the center of this sad tale had no electricity, you may face a slightly similar situation if your heater stops working. While you wait to get it repaired, here are six tips you should keep in mind if you want to keep your family safe while the heat is off: 1. Understand the Risks of Carbon Monoxide Carbon-monoxide is an odorless, colourless deadly gas that can kill people easily. It can...

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Replacing Your AC Air Filter

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Replacing the filter on air conditioner is an important part of its maintenance schedule. Depending on where you live and how much use you get out of your AC, you should generally be replacing your air filter at least once every few months. However, there’s more to selecting and installing a new air filter than meets the eye, so be sure to keep these tips in mind. DO Look at Efficiency Scores Not all air filters are created equal. If you visit the air filter aisle of your local home improvement store, you might be surprised to see the...

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Should You Choose A Gas, Electric, Or Wood Burning Fireplace?

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You’re ready to add some warmth to your home for those cold winter days and nights. Which do you choose: Gas, electric, or wood burning fireplace? Before you jump to a decision, take a close look at the pros and cons or these fireplace options. Pick which one best fits your budget and needs. Wood Burning Fireplace Pros: Creates a cozy warmth for romantic nights. Wood is easy to obtain and cheap if you live in rural areas. The fire has a woodsy smell that varies with the type of wood used. Roast snack foods over the open flame. Cook...

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